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Allrail Inc. is a family owned and operated company providing used guardrail panel, posts and related barrier hardware. Because of our extensive work from sea to shining sea, we constantly provide access to unique used guardrail product packages ranging from small LTL orders up to millions of pounds of high quality, super-affordable, (both used AND new), materials.

Every day at Allrail we're pleased to provide used highway guardrail, guiderail, W-Beam Panel, 20" 'Thrie-Beam' Panel, used I-Beam Posts, highway safety barrier packages and other used guardrail products. Our high quality materials support a growing, wide array of applications, such as: Parking Lot Barrier; Fencing for Private Installations; Homeland Security Barrier Applications; Traffic Flow-Pattern Barrier; Business and Personal Property Security Fencing; Race Track Safety Barrier; Traffic Control Applications; Industrial Safety Applications; Work-Zone Safety Installations; Agricultural Fencing Applications; Erosion Control Applications; Wind Control Barrier Materials; Cattle Fencing; Livestock Fencing and much more. Almost every day for over a decade, we have been here for your calls and/or questions of how this product can meet your particular needs.

Our main office is located in the lush foothills of beautiful Western North Carolina. Every day, our trucks are on the move to deliver our high quality used guardrail products to astute customers throughout the nation. We offer both truckload and LTL delivery services to meet our customers' specific needs. Give us a call today at: (800) 618-7604, we look forward to hearing from you soon.


• W-beam Used Guardrail

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Traditional 12 ga. W-Beam (12 inch) guardrail panel is the standard workhorse of the Highway Safety industry and has performed exceptionally for decades. W-Beam will certainly be a fixed part of our national landscape for over a century. W-beam guardrail derives its popularity and usefulness from a super-durable make-up and an amazing flexibility, both as a barrier beam and as a building material panel. All over the globe, thousands of lives have been saved due to the impressive performance of this solid steel fencing component. Every American has benefited from the strength of W-Beam guardrail panel, either as a crucial safety component, or in one of the many re-tasking, cost-saving applications in which W-Beam is applied once it is removed from our national highway system.

Our W-beam is available in both "A" and "B" Grade qualities and can be used in the follow applications: Industrial Safety, Erosion Control, Agricultural Fencing, Livestock Fencing, Feed Bunk Construction, Bridge terminals, Traffic Flow-Pattern Barrier and Fencing for protection of private property. It is also commonly used in Homeland Security, Wind Break Panel, for Metal Decking, in Building Construction, Wall Reinforcement, general Structure Protection and Traffic Safety Barrier.

W-beam is one of the most available and most flexible materials we provide to the entire nation. The name “W-Beam” comes from the cross-section of the beam itself, which forms the shape of a “W” due to the double rolled corrugations which form the panel section itself. It may also been called “12 Inch Panel” or “12 inch wide” panel. At the 12 gauge (.105 inch) thickness and well-galvanized, W-Beam is an amazingly long-lasting product. We are confident that you will find this product as strong, safe, durable, effective and exceptionally long-lasting of a work-horse as it has been for the road safety industry for decades. We expect to provide you with the absolute best prices an options for used w-beam guardrail for sale in the entire nation. If you would like to discuss the vast possibilities of using W-beam guardrail panel on your project, please give us a call or send us an email today.

• Thrie-beam Used Guardrail

thrie beam used guardrail

Thrie-beam Guardrail is available in "A" Grade quality and Is used in many applications. Thrie beam is most commonly used in the follow applications: Agricultural Fencing, Industrial Safety, Livestock Fencing, Feed Bunks, Bridge terminals, Erosion Control, Traffic Flow-Pattern Barrier and Fencing for protection of private property.

Thrie-beam is typically a less expensive material to use when coverage of square footage is the goal of the given project. “Tri-Beam” or “Twenty Inch Panel” or “20 inch wide” panel, as it is often called, is exceptionally durable due to the increased corrugation used to construct the panel. Tri-beam has been a proven member of the guardrail road safety workhorse family for decades.

It is strong, safe, durable, effective and exceptionally long-lasting. We expect to provide you with the absolute best prices on quality used Thrie-beam in the nation. If you would like to discuss the vast possibilities of using Thrie-beam Panel on your project. Please give us a call.

• I-beam Steel Post

I-Beam Steel Post

Have you considered our 6 Inch Solid

I-beam steel post for your fencing needs?

I-beam posts can be used for a wide variety of applications. The posts are excellent for thousands of private, industrial, livestock, cattle, agricultural, homeland security and traffic control fencing applications. Steel I-beam post can last a lifetime, proven by the safety highway industry has used them for years.

I-beam Post are available in various lengths. Post sizes range from 6ft. to 12ft. Custom orders are available. Are you interested to see if I-beam steel post will work for your current needs? Then Give us a call here at Allrail at: (800) 618-7604 or email us at: We're looking forward to helping you.

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